How To Share Google Drive Storage With Family & Friends?

Share Google Drive Storage with family

Do you want to know how to share Google Drive storage with family and friends? In this guide, we’ll show you how to use Google One to easily share Google Drive storage with friends and family.

In Today’s world we consume and produce a lot of digital data everday like documents, photos, videos and more. So can we only trust our physical storage like pendrives, hard disks or simply phone or computer storage to secure our precious data.

Absolutely not because one a physical hard drive gets corrupted then the chances are that you might never be able to recover your memories or much important confidential documents and data. Therefore, we need to make use of cloud storage at some point.

Now the good thing is that we get 15 GB of free storage of Google Drive once we signup with a fresh new google account, However the challenge here is that you might frequently exhaust your 15GB of free storage for Google products like Docs, Drive, and Photos. In this case you can improve your storage as well as share it with your loved ones.

A common issue for online users is storage. Here’s how to share google one storage with family that Google One offers.

What is Google One Storage?

Google One is a paid cloud storage solution that lets you extend your Google account storage.

So if you want to share google drive storage with family then you should be familiar with the storage use metre if you use Gmail or Google Photos because it shows you how much of your allotted 15 GB of storage you’ve used and how much is still available.

With Google One you can increase the storage space in your Google account by using the premium cloud storage service Google One. It makes sense to share Google One with your family if you are paying for it and have enough of storage available.

The only method to increase your Google account’s storage is through Google One, but even then, the added space is frequently much more than you require. A fantastic way to make the most of your money and use up the storage is to share it with family members.

Google provided storage subscription services to users through its Google Drive platform before Google One was introduced. All Google platforms could sync with and utilise storage packages purchased through Google Drive.

But in May 2018, Google introduced Google One as its new official platform for storage purchase, restoring Google Drive to its original place as a storage service.

So if you want to share google drive storage with family and loved ones then you should understand that with the new pricing tiers and a few other nifty upgrades, Google One is simply a rebranded version of Google Drive. It can be compared to an improved version of Google Drive with a few extra features.

How to Share Google One With Family?

In order to share google drive space with family, you need a Google One subscription and a family group. If you don’t have a family group, skip to the next section and then come back and follow the below steps.

  1. Head to
  2. Select Settings > Manage Family Settings
  3. Toggle on the slider adjacent to Share Google One with family
Google One Storage
Image Credits: (Google One)

Once they’ve used up their 15GB of complimentary Google One storage, family members will have access to your additional storage if that option is enabled. Family members can access the same storage, but they cannot view each other’s files (including the group manager).

Create a Family Group To Share Google One Storage

Google One Storage With Family
Image Credits: (Google One)

In order to share google storage with family, you’ll need to create a Family Group after which you can share google drive storage with family by following the below steps;

  1. Head to Google’s Family site
  2. Sign in to your Google account. If you have multiple accounts, ensure you’re using the correct one with a Google One subscription
  3. Click Get Started, and then Create a family group
  4. By choosing contacts from the Suggestions list, you can invite family members to join your Family group. By manually entering their email address, you can also invite contacts who aren’t included in this section. Google family invitations have a five person maximum and expire after two weeks.
  5. Next, click Send

Google will send an email inviting the invited individuals to join your family group. You will receive a notification from Google if they accept the invitation. Be careful to use a personal Google account if you experience issues setting up a family group.

Please Note: Invitees must live in the same nation as you and cannot currently be or have recently been a member of another family group.

Benefits Of Using Google One

There are 4 major benefits of joining the Google One user’s club to share google drive space with family;

1. Get Access To Google Experts

Google One
Image Credits: (Google One)

Joining Google One is great if you want to share google drive storage with family as it provides access to Google Experts If a user has any problems using the app or any other service controlled by Google, they have 24/7 quick access to Google specialists.

Consider them as high-end technical support personnel. Google has trained individuals who serve as “Experts” to assist in addressing inquiries from customers about Google’s goods and services. These “Experts” are not available to the average Google user.

If a user has any problems using the app or any other service controlled by Google, they have 24/7 quick access to Google specialists.

Only certain Google Business products, such as Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), have a dedicated support team.

2. Family Storage

Users of Google One can create a family group or join an existing one to share their storage plan with up to five more family members (making a total of six family members, including the sharer).

As a Google One user you can also share other Google One benefits like access to Google Experts and Google One’s exclusive VPN (more on this later) with your family.

Another benefit of family storage is that even while the storage capacity is shared by several users, only you can grant access to other users to your data in the cloud.

3. Access to VPN by Google One

Users of Google One with plans of 2TB or more get access to the company’s proprietary VPN, which, according to Google, “will encrypt all of your online activities for an additional degree of protection wherever you’re connected.”

Because the VPN in the Google One app can be opened with just one press, you wouldn’t even need to download another VPN programme. This is a good deal if you frequently use public Wi-fi networks and require a lot of cloud storage.

Note: At the moment, only US-based Android users can access the VPN (through the Google One app). Google said the versions for iOS, Windows, and Mac will be available soon.

4. Back-Up Drive for Android

The challenging portion of transitioning from one Android smartphone to another is removed with Google One. Through the Google One app, Android users may backup all of their phone data, including multimedia messages, photographs, videos, and device data, to the cloud.

By selecting the Restore option during the Android setup process or by downloading the Google One app after the device is up and running and tapping on the Restore from Your Backup option under Settings, users can restore backed-up data to their new smartphone.

By choosing the Restore from Your Backup option, you may avoid the hassle of manually downloading your files and instead have the backup data restored to the new device.

Download: Google One for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases)

Is Google One Worth It?

So now the question is that Is Google One one of the best cloud platforms out there to share google drive storage with family?

Maybe yes, it could be one of the best cloud storage platform out there but mostly for personal use and business. And that’s about the most truthful response you can receive. How you assess a cloud storage platform entirely depends on your preferences and demands.

Google One is perhaps the only viable alternative for those who have already made significant investments in the Google ecosystem. However, that might not be the case for everyone else.

Feel free to experiment with other cloud storage systems to discover your fit if you aren’t involved in the Google ecosystem and don’t think Google One fits your needs.

So I hope this simple guide on “How to share google drive storage with family” turned out to be helpful and effective for you. To receive more updates kindly subscribe to our blog.

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